Geographical analyses

Just another type of data

Information technology uses models and attributes to capture and describe real live objects. Sometimes those models have a relation to the surface of the earth. A house can be related to the exact location of its front door, a field of a farm can be described by the shape of it's boundaries, road segments have a line as attribute etc. In the end, geographic data is just another data type. It can be modeled, imputed and analyzed, just as any other type of data.

Data sources

Geographic data can be obtained from many different sources. Sometimes the business already uses geographic data which can be used by the BXD, for example in farming or logistics. Most of the times any present data can be enhanced by external sources such as openstreetmap, google, satalite data etc. Geographic enhanced data gives access to a whole array of new information like distance to the nearest international airport, bar densitiy in the area etc.


The BXD [BeBr.x/Data Analytics Tool] is also capable of analyzing geographic data.

It can transform sensor data points into a grid and compare it to sensor readings from another time frame. For example the difference between two ndvi sensor runs on a field with crop will indicate the crop's growth on every spot of the field.

It can predict which line ends should be linked together based on predictive models. In this was for example road data from two different sources can be linked together into a consistent and connected road network.