Industrial Production

We aid businesses from a wide range of sectors in improving the efficiency of their production processes through a number of services.

Minimizing downtime by predictive maintenance

By continuously monitoring the condition of machines or other elements of the production process, our advanced AI models predict the real-time state of the components based on certain inputs (e.g. varied vibration and temperature). By automatically signalling engineers, preventive measures can be taken to avoid critical failure, thus minimizing downtime. Our models have been deployed in a range of production lines, and achieve accuracies of up to 97%.

Demand forecasting and inventory management

The forecasting of future demand and the management of inventory are heavily intertwined and depend on each other for smooth functioning. Especially in uncertain and dynamic times, enhancing your ability to predict future demand for your goods is pivotal in streamlining all aspects of your production process. We continuously update all the relevant data inputs to provide instant predictions of future demand.

Automatic cost price calculation and quotation

In the industrial production of customized products, getting accurate estimations of the cost price (and relatedly, the sales price that should be quoted) can be a time consuming process. By collecting and analyzing historical product- and sales data, we provide modules that automatically estimate the cost price of the product.