Investment Support

We aid businesses in building a strong, tech-based online proposition. Our team specializes in two main topics: IT Architecture and Data Analysis & AI Implementation. Within these two topics, we provide a wide range of services covering both the diagnostics phase and the implementation phase.

In-Depth Diagnostics

For businesses that currently lack the necessary in-house expertise, or companies that find themselves in a period of transition, we provide a set of in-depth analyses aimed at providing you with fact-based diagnostics and a high-level overview of the current and desired online proposition.


We perform a full assessment of the performance of your website, including extensive funnel, traffic, and search analyses (both quantitative and qualitative), to provide answers to important strategic questions. Prioritisation based on estimated impact and workload allows your organization to tackle the right issues at the right time.


By collating the available data, we provide solutions on how this can be leveraged immediately, also identifying holes in the current data acquisition process that should be fixed to generate valuable data in the future.


By assessing the current IT infrastructure, we identify inefficiencies, weak spots, and synergies across the organization, which we combine in a long-term IT plan, as well as advice on short-term actions. We complement this with a cost reduction plan based on costs, technical necessity, and synergies.

Build and Implement

The in-depth diagnostics will give an overview of the current state of the online proposition and the steps needed to enable the business to realize long-term goals. Even though this is the foundation of the work we do, our services extend beyond the diagnostics phase. Based on an improvement plan that is in line with your long-term strategy, our team of Developers, DevOps, and Data Scientists build, implement, and maintain flexible IT and Data solutions.

Artificial Intelligence

We collate available internal data sources and enrich them with external sources to increase their predictive power. We build, implement, and integrate advanced techniques aimed at increasing traffic, conversion, and the quality of lead generation. Examples include AI-based targeted sales modules, automated targeted email campaigns, and the integration of personalized product feeds.

IT Architecture

We design, build, implement, and maintain flexible and scalable IT architectures. Our team of software developers and DevOps covers all the necessary components: from building the actual software and the implementation of databases to the maintenance of dedicated servers in the cloud or on-premises.