Omnichannel Solutions

We offer powerful solutions for omnichannel businesses. By designing and implementing an IT architecture that supports all aspects of your business, we enable you to optimize your business processes across all channels. Additionally, by combining and analyzing data from all relevant (sales) channels, it allows you to gain complete insight into your customers. By automatically enriching data from online and offline channels with external data sources, we enhance its predictive power and increase its value. This has allowed us to implement several solutions for our clients, including the following:

Lead List Generation

Providing retail staff with AI-powered, daily lead lists that contain an overview of customers who have a higher-than-normal chance of purchasing. By including the most suitable products to offer this particular customer and the optimal time & channel to approach them, the lead lists allow your staff to offer personalized content to the prospects with the highest potential. All aimed at increasing the effectiveness of targeted sales and upsells. For one of our clients, implementation of this AI increased targeted sales conversion by 18% (€31 million in additional revenue), whilst for another it increased yearly revenue from upsells by over €4 million.

Personalized Marketing

To enable personalized marketing we create natural clusters within the data based on shared features. Customers can be classified according to shared purchasing behaviour, socio-economic status, online behaviour, and demographics. This gives insight into questions about your organization’s customer-base and allows for customer-type specific marketing, which can be leveraged via multiple channels:

Revenue Potential Maps

Creation of revenue maps that show where customers are located and which neighborhoods have potential for growth in revenue but are currently not sufficiently reached. Such observations lead to better decision making when it comes to opening, consolidating or closing stores, and the targeting of advertisements.