Product Development

A brilliant idea, but a lack of technical knowledge or product design? A great idea, but no capacity to develop the concept? [BEBR] is a team of creative scientists with a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and expertise in addressing sustainable projects. We make innovation possible by combining fundamental scientific knowledge, systematical approaches and management. Based on solid scientific and economic knowledge, we help entrepreneurs upgrading their existing product or we give an out-of-the-box advice for a new design and strategic plan to become a profitable enterprise. [BEBR] has experts in chemistry, physics, mathematics and software engineering to help you to combine existing technologies with fundamental research into new products and processes. BEBR] is a team of creative and ambitious scientists with the know-how and guts to take on the big issues. We care about reducing the carbon footprint and preserving the nature surrounding us. Granted, our ambitions are high. We think of a near future where biobased biodegradable products & green energy are the norm -but we also know how to get there. We have a wide range of explicit tech-knowledge, which we implement in a strategic roadmap for you to create a profitable green business.

Together, with one main objective: Reducing the carbon footprint.

How? Innovations. We love innovation! Add sustainable development and environmental regard, and we’ve got something cooking. So, if you have an idea for a green solution but don’t want to be bogged down with all the technical stuff or you just want to improve your product or process, we are here to help. In fact, we love that stuff! That's what we are trained to do and hereby we assure you: Our team studied enough, for you and us both ;) We will help you upgrade your existing product or advise on novel designs. We analyse, create and set up the needed technological resources, and go through the entire innovation loop. From feasible design to patent and from market introduction to evaluation.

In short: We want to help small businesses take on big ideas.

We believe that the ultimate change towards a sustainable society is not achieved through top-down governmental imposition or due to multi-national conglomerate directives but from bottom-up, hands-on ideas by small business and entrepreneurs. Current society is filled with incongruities and unmet needs. We would love to fill in those gaps together with you and create a future, next generations can be proud of.

Green, intuitively* good, and based on solid scientific data.