Software Development

The BEBR Software engineers are passionate about their projects and dare to think big. Creativity and expertise are key ingredients to create solutions. We care about doing it right and adding value, whether we are participating in open source projects or in commercial projects. To always be on the frontline of innovation we are constantly looking for ways to provide the highest quality out there. No buzz words or hot air balloons, just good software. The most groundbreaking discoveries are in the unknown, behind the horizon. Curiosity drives innovation, by remaining curious, we keep discovering and learning new things which we can apply in our software solutions. If we think something can be improved, we just start to do it, go outside and discover the world.

BEBR is an active member in the Netbeans community and contributor to several open source software projects. Open sharing of knowledge and information is one of the main forces behind technical innovation and for software open sources play a big part in this. BEBR's open source projects (AgroSense & LogiSense) are examples of innovating ideas which are shared with the world. BEBR chooses GPL version 3 for most of its open source projects. This license strongly enforces the continuation of the sources in the public/open domain. To make our libraries easier to use in other free and open source (FOSS) projects wich use another license, we added a FOSS exception, available here. Most of our published open source libraries have a classpath exception to make them easier to use in other open or closed source application in their unmodified form without forcing all using code to be GPL compatible. If you have any questions regarding our licences or why we choose for this model, please feel free to contact us. Next to open source projects BEBR has a number of custom made solutions. Developing custom software requires a healthy dose of synergy between assignor and assignee. To get to know BEBR and experience the expertise and workethics, call us or stop by at one of our offices.