Health Care

We organize, analyze and optimize the internal data of healthcare organizations (i.e. IoT devices) to provide a wide range of information. Generally speaking, this information can be divided into two areas: monitoring of key metrics and predictive analysis, which we deliver to our clients in dynamic dashboards that provide immediate insights.

White Paper Big Data & AI in Healthcare

Take a look at our whitepaper (Dutch) on how to solve personnel shortage in healthcare. We describe 5 keys to prepare a healthcare institution for Big Data and how to unlock the advantages of AI.

Monitoring of key metrics

Our proprietary BXD platform can connect to your internal systems to provide active monitoring of key metrics. Questions that we answer for our clients on a daily basis include:

Providing insights into these areas will, among other things, ensure sufficient staffing, thus creating positive downstream effects for caregivers and clients by decreasing the peak workload and increasing the quality of care.

Predictive analysis

By enriching your internal data with valuable external data sources, the BXD platform can increase the predictive power and allow for big data analyses. Some key predictions that we provide for our clients include: