Be [absolutely] brilliant

Predictive Modeling

Using the power of AI to optimize the most important aspects of your business.


Developing physical products in our own state-of-the-art laboratory to help small companies with big ideas.


Start with Data-Driven Insights

Every company or entrepeneur senses that the next step should involve more date driven insights and decisions. But the domain of data is filled with buzzwords and technical terms. Where to start?

BEBR understands that starting with data is not that easy and data driven insights should be valuable in practice. Therefore we developed a method which analyses the state of a company's Data & IT architecture. In addition BEBR creates an overview of the current business processes in a company. We combine these results in an approach on how to start with working data-driven where it matters most. Without first investing in expensive new software.


About Us

[BEBR] started as a small team of scientists aiming to apply scientific concepts and ideas to solve real-world business problems. Over the years, this scientific approach has led to the implementation of revenue-optimizing and cost-minimizing solutions for an ever-expanding client base.

As the needs of our clients grew, so did our team. The small group of scientists has evolved into a team of over 50 people with backgrounds in (quantum)physics, chemistry, mathematics, astrophysics, and IT. From our offices in Groningen, Sydney, Lviv and Madrid, our Data Science and Software Development teams are able to utilize advanced scientific techniques to benefit our clients.



Over the years, we have applied our data-driven approach to provide innovative solutions for a wide range of clients. This way, we have developed a proven track record in a selection of industries that our team is passionate about.



[BEBR] is a team of highly motivated and dedicated scientists and developers. Our core strength is our wide range of explicit tech-knowledge and our never-ending drive to deliver clear cut results to our clients and partners. We want to be the best in what we do, and we will not stop before our sceptical scientific minds unanimously agree. We look further than backgrounds, we like to think differently. In the end, it’s more about your personality, talent, drive, and ambition than the level of experience. Our team consists of result-driven people who aim to get the most out of our projects. We strive to be the best at what we do, and we are always looking for fresh talent to complement our current team.

Currently we do not have any open positions. However, we are always open to potential collaborations and future opportunities. If you have skills you believe would complement our team, feel free to reach out to us.